Humidification Chamber


  • Compatible with major-brand humidifiers.
  • Unique float system provides reliable water level control.
  • Integrated vent on IV set.
  • Special cap designed to organize the IV set.
  • Tear-open no second use cap design.
  • Highly efficient heat conduction base.
  • Coating on the heating plate to avoid rust and scratch.
  • Use PP Material. Ultra lightweight and BPA-free.


  • 22M connectors meet ISO 5356-1.
  • IV spike tip meets ISO 8536-4.
  • Humidification chamber meets ISO 8185.

Order Information:

REF Description Model Package
3490 Auto-filling Humidification Chamber Adult 1set/bag, 40sets/carton
3495 Auto-filling Humidification Chamber Neonate 1set/bag, 40sets/carton

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