CPAP Face Mask (vented)


  • Quick release design allows patients to disconnect and connect to the tubing with minimum effort.

  • 360 degrees rotatable connection between mask and elbow connector, and between connector and tubing.

  • Exhalation vent allows CO2 to be released with less effort for patients.

  • Reinforcing frame incorporates with the silicone mask to prevent deformation.

  • Soft-touch cushion helps seal the mask without irritating the face.

  • High quality medical grade materials are autoclavable to 121°C.

  • The adjustable strap made with flexible fabric is adaptable to various patients.

  • Permeable mesh on the backside of headgear increases patient comfort. 

  • CE certified


  • Materials: silicone mask; polycarbonate frame

  • L-type connector: 22mmOD, meets ISO 5356-1

  • Monitoring port: 4.3mmOD, meets ISO 594-1

  • Headgear: elastic fiber

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Order Information :

   REF     Description      Size   Package
1601 CPAP Face Mask L   1set/box, 20sets/carton  
1602 CPAP Face Mask M  1set/box, 20sets/carton  
1603 CPAP Face Mask S 1set/box, 20sets/carton
1611 CPAP Face Mask with ESB Tubing L 1set/bag, 20bags/carton
1612 CPAP Face Mask with ESB Tubing M 1set/bag, 20bags/carton
1613 CPAP Face Mask with ESB Tubing S 1set/bag, 20bags/carton


Instructions For Use:  pdfIFU_CPAP Mask      pdfIFU_CPAP Mask with ESB Tubing 

                  Size Measuring Card: pdfCPAP Size Measure Card

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